Robocraft is a free web game, where you can construct your own vehicles and battle with them on the web. The game is created by FreeJam, a group of five situated in Portsmouth, UK.

Some time back it was conceivable to hack the game utilizing exceptionally straightforward strategies (with trick motor, for instance). It’s unquestionably not that simple any longer, but rather there still are working tools for Robocraft, and one of them has recently been added to our catalog.

The hack we found and tried as of late has a robust measure of components, see underneath:

  • Robocraft Unlimited CPU Hack
  • The present adaptation of the Robocraft Hack Tool has the accompanying components:
  • Level locking – if empowered, new parts added to your robot won’t rise its level. This element makes it conceivable to, for instance, play on level 1 with T10 3D shapes.
  • Boundless CPU – does precisely what it says.

No Spread – no spread on weapons, particularly helpful for lasers (SMGs). Does for all intents and purposes nothing for rails, yet plasma guns will shoot at one spot with pin-point precision. It can be gainful when battling one adversary, yet in the event that you need to do AOE harm, or have a superior chance at hitting a flying robot, it’s best to leave this alternative off.ROBOCRAFT HACK

The “monetary forms” tab permits you to include Robo Points and Galaxy Cash specifically to your record, in any sum. It’s likewise conceivable to produce tech focuses (they will be included as Uber Tech Points).

Speed hack is the last choice (and your rate can be scaled to a most extreme of x20).

The greater part of the above elements can be utilized securely, as this tool was modified with a considerable measure of regard for security (and yes, we tried that broadly!).

Download underneath:

  • Download Robocraft Hack
  • You don’t need to be logged out for the hack to work, yet you may need to relog to see the progressions.



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